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  • Her eyes were shut as she eavesdropped on the serjeants actually ringing the clutter of sodden, mashed-up buildings.
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  • We'd have things scattered to hell an gone, and no end of racket. I was at the Temple Mount, planning to go through with it, even though in my heart I believed in the one true God.

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    You bastard, Her Grace the Duchess Stanfield said, and then she walked to the tub and picked up the tin.
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    Forging Electronic Frontiers There are as many points of view about hacker ethics, responsibility, and prosecution as there are players.

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  • The worship now being conducted therein by the menials of the mahants was declared as spurious worship by the High Court of Calcutta. But those battles had been fought with hundreds of galleys a side.
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    Once, after she cursed Neferi for dying by something as stupid as a fall down stairs, she had asked her new Soe'feia to perform that service for her. I know it's getting pretty uncomfortable in here, but as long as the temperature is bearable, we'd better put up with it.




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    What had come to him as images (among which he had pecked with tongue tip and pen point) returned, shocked, luminous-sometimes more, sometimes less luminous than memory, but so rich he thrust them out with his tongue to keep from trying to eat them.

    I am swallowed up in the anticipation of its fulfilment. There was one other name on there, Nat of the Fens.

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  • The gulf between us widened with the widening years, but still the thought of her went with me like my shadow; it shone across the stormy love of Otomie, I remembered it even in my children's kiss.

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  • Barak asked anxiously, hovering over the still unconscious Durnik as Aunt Pol examined the large purple contusion on the side of the smith's face. It is too late, my friend, he said sadly, to make haste now.
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